Membership in is open to all persons interested in promoting the goals and purposes of Hawaii Potters’ Guild that have met the requirements for membership.  To become a member, students must take four classes in a period of a minimum of one year, demonstrate that they understand and observe studio rules and procedures, and pay annual membership dues.

Privileges of Membership:


  • A key to the studio and the right to use the studio 24 hours per day (except during class periods)

  • Shelf space for personal storage during periods when studio use fees or tuition is paid

  • Reduced class and studio use fees

  • The right to purchase more clay than students may purchase (five bags per 10-week term instead of four; both students and members are limited to two bags during interim periods)

  • Priority for and discounts at HPG-sponsored workshops and events

  • The right to run for the Board of Directors and to vote in Board elections

Obligations of Membership:

  • Perform chores when in the studio, regardless of whether taking a class or sitting the studio

  • Participate in occasional HPG activities such as pot sales, fundraising events, or outreach activities

  • If not taking a class, sit the studio unless physically unable to do so (members taking classes are strongly encouraged to sign up for sitting but are not required to do so)

  • Abide by the Guild’s policies

Members must be at least eighteen (18) years of age and pay studio use fees or class fees in addition to annual membership dues, except when they are on a leave of absence.

“Members in good standing” shall be those persons: a. whose dues and fees are current; b. who are not currently under suspension; c. who participate in the activities required by HPG in the Procedure Manual.

How to Become a Member.

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