Students of all levels are welcome to sign up for HPG classes.   Each class session is ten weeks, and classes meet once a week for three hours.


Hand-building classes use coils, slabs, extruded shapes and pinch pots to construct either decorative or functional    pieces, including Ikebana containers and animal pieces.  Hand-building is an excellent introduction for first-timers to  clay, however hand building classes also offer challenges and ideas to those who prefer hand building.


Wheel classes emphasize the creation of functional pieces such as bowls, platters, plates, vases, pitchers and tea pots, as well as  decorative pieces. 

Key Information:

  • Tuition for each term is $200 ($175 for HPG members).  To be eligible to become an HPG member, you must have taken at least four  classes and have paid annual  membership dues.   Read more about membership here.

  • The cost of clay ranges between $18-35 per 25lb bag, which also includes the cost of glazes and firing. All clay used in class and in the  studio must be purchased from HPG.

  • If needed, a set of basic tools can be purchased at registration for $20. 

  • Payment will be accepted by check only, please.

  • Clay and tools must be ordered at the time of class registration. They will be ready for pick-up in the first class.

  • In addition to weekly classes, students may use the studio (at no additional charge) during open studio hours, which are generally  Monday-Sunday, 9AM - 9PM, when there is no class or workshop in session. Weekend hours may vary, so it’s best to call the studio first (941-8108) and make sure the studio is open.

  • If you are a new student, please read about our registration process prior to visiting the studio to sign up. 


2019 HPG Class and Interim Calendar

Fall 2019: Sept 16 - Nov 24, 2019​​


Winter Interim:  Nov 25, 2019 - Jan 5, 2020

Winter 2020: Jan 6, 2020 – March 15, 2020

  • Pre-registration: Nov 3 - 9 

  • Open registration: Nov 10 - Nov 15 at noon 

  • Name drawing (as needed): Nov 22 at noon 

  • Student names posted: Nov 27 after 2 PM 

**All registration dates are subject to change.**

Winter 2020 Class Schedule

Monday 9:00 am – Noon – Wheel – Bob McWilliams

For beginning and moderate skilled students, Bob will help you to develop your technique and comfort on the wheel.  For advanced students, Bob will help you to get where you would like to go in developing your style or technique. This class will explore different ways to begin a shape on the wheel and then cut, add, subtract, turn inside out and then put things back together to achieve a certain shape or form. We'll also explore decorative and glaze techniques.

Monday 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm – Wheel – Dan Harano

Aside from helping new students grasp the fundamental skills needed for wheel throwing I plan on teaching my class different ways to bridge the gap between wheel throwing and handbuilding.  This includes throwing and altering forms, slip trailing, slab work and a variety of other methods.  My hope is for members to gain a better sense of how to express their individual artistic preferences. 

Tuesday 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm – Handbuilding - Rochelle Lum

Learn to use basic hand building techniques to create a sculptural piece.

Wednesday 9:00 am – Noon – Wheel - Sanford Murata

Description pending.

Wednesday 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm – Wheel – Daven Hee

Wheel-throwing skills will be developed to create forms such as bowls, mugs, plates, bottles and vases. These skills will be further developed to create whimsical, playful, and personalized forms. 

Multiple thrown pieces will be joined to create expressive functional and non-functional forms. Basic glazing techniques, kiln firing theory and group discussions will also be included. Individualized instruction will be emphasized to meet all skill levels from the beginner to the advanced wheel-thrower. Individualized instruction will be emphasized to meet intermediate and advance wheel-thrower.

Friday 9:00 am – Noon – Handbuilding – Mark White

Description pending.

Saturday 9:00 am – Noon – Handbuilding –  Esther Nowell 

Esther’s class will include a variety of projects, some functional, some decorative. Esther will teach the basic techniques of handbuilding: pinching, slab, coils and extruding. Most projects will be completed in one class session. Various decorating methods will be demonstrated, including stamping, carving, sgraffito, underglazes, wax resist, and slip trailing. The class will emphasize exploring the many things that can be done with clay and enjoying being creative.

Saturday 9am – Noon – Wheel – Supin Wongbusakarm 

Wheel throwing for all levels of skill, from beginners to advanced. In addition to basic forms such as mugs, bowls, plates and vases, composite pieces such as teapots and lanterns will be explored, depending on the interest and skills of class members. Throughout the class, there will be an emphasis on aesthetics. Glazing will also be covered. Also, an emphasis on special individual projects on the wheel and glaze combinations.

Independent Potters:

  • HPG members can choose to be an Independent Potter during a session, instead of enrolling in a class.

  • Independent Potters may use the studio during normal business hours (Monday-Friday: 9AM - 9PM; shorter hours on Saturday’s & Sunday’s).  However, whenever a class is in session, the studio will be restricted to class members only.

  • If you are interested in being an Independent Potter, please fill out the Independent Sign Up Form and submit, with check payment.

  • Independent Potters must choose a time slot to sit and monitor the studio.

  • Independent Potters must sign up for a Sitters Kuleana Choice (SKC) duty.

Interim Sessions:

  • HPG classes will be on break for about a month between the Summer and Fall sessions and between the Winter and Spring sessions.

  • During the interim, the studio is opened for use by Members and Non-Members who have taken at least one class.

  • If you are interested in participating during an interim session, please fill out the Interim Sign Up Form and submit, with check payment.

  • Members must choose a time slot to sit and monitor the studio.

  • All potters who sign up for interim must sign up for a Personal Kuleana Choice (PKC) and Sitters Kuleana Choice (SKC)

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